Day in the life of a tyre maker…September 1914

My old school friend started working as a tyre maker to help the men whilst they are at war. It sounds horrible…

Today was just the same was any other, taping up rubber to the tyres,making them. It’s very boring. I want to go out and fight but women aren’t allowed. I do the same thing every day and my only days of are Sunday. I work the long hours of 6am till 9pm at night and earning very little money. As a middle class girl I think I deserve a better and well paid job. Mama said that that I was lucky I was hired for he job but I believe better. Some of my friends don’t have to work like Alexandra as her mama said she could only be Police women or Governess. I hope the war ends…


August 4th 1914…War Breaks out

My family and I are horrified that people would choose to do such shame to our country. This war is going to ruin the country. I’m just glad Papa works in High classed parliament and is not allowed to go to war…

I woke up this morning to the radio buzzing about news about the Germans declaring war. My maid, Bette had told me that if the Germans didn’t give in before 11am War was going to commence. I was shocked and horrified a the same time. Why did this have to happen? Bette said we were fine as we lived slightly outside the busy city of London ands that’s why Papa has to travel along way to go to work.

I just hope the war doesn’t come to Britain!!!


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