Adolf Hitler…

September 1939

War. No matter how many times I thought it was over, it keeps coming back to haunt me.  I had woken up at 10am with a headache and heard these wearing sobs coming from the bedroom next door. I went to see Amelia and see what had happened but i couldn’t get a single word out of her… I came back to the room and switched the wireless to see if any tragic thinks have happened to one of her friends or something… I pressed firmly on the button and expected there to be no big news and nothing very interesting… I found myself in a state of shock as the wireless muffled,

” Today we are all in shock and despair as the Germans decide to have a comeback on” CZEHFCXN…. It had started crackling i found a pillow and my eyes indulged right in>>>….

Already 50 and now another war? How could this be happening to me. I was living a perfectly normal life as a mother of  18 year twins… My life is tragic. TWO WARS.. Harry is more than likely going to war and I couldn’t bare to lose another family member espeically my son.

I might not write soon i will be crying myself to sleep!!!

Your love is ours,






New arrivals 1921…

Me and William have been together together for 6 years now and it has been ther happiest times of my life… I have loved every second and I am so happy that today we gave birth to Amelia and Harry Stamford… Two beautiful twins my life couldn’t be more complete..

I attach a phtot of the twins lying in their new £100 CRIB…

I love them sooooo much. My little babys….

Will catch you up,


Armistice Day…

I was listening with baited breath to the radio on my bedside table.  It was 11am and the clock was ticking by second by second, hour by hour and the wireless finally announced that it was the end of World War 1!

I thought all my good news was coming alive war had ended and women had eventually been given the rights to vote after the hard work we did during war… The government has finally given women rights and I was ecstatic! I now also vote! My life will be happy and complete when my husband finally comes home!

Finally the day I have been waiting. The day everyone had been waiting for.. I cant explain my feeling right now I am extremely happy. I will finally get to see William  again. Tears of happiness came flooding down my face it had been 2 years of my life and I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought I was dreaming…  Yayyyyyyy….

February 1917

February 1917

I heard some news from war….

My Uncle Harry has passed away at war. When I heard the news through a telegram sent from the chief at war , my heart was racing as my frail hands shook whilst opening the envelope that was torn, bitten and battered.

After reading the letter it brought me to my senses and opened up my eyes to what the government said war is like and what war actually is. the previous letter I received from Papa ,explains all the  problems and truth of the war in France that the government faked saying that it would be fun, quick and delightful at war is a sinful lie.

Now the truth has been unfolded in both letters from war. The actual conditions were horrendous and no dead soldier was buried respectfully. Actually many of them were left to rot or thrown disrespectfully on to carts and no one knows where they were disposed. My life has become incomplete as uncle Harry is still  an important family member for me.

The country is important but this doesn’t mean that dead soldiers  that have willingly sacrificed their lives to save the country that have been thrown around humiliating themselves . It is not sweet and right to die for your country as after death no one is bothered about you.

My big day.. 29th July 1915

Despite the tragic going on…

Today was my big day. It took part at Westminster Cathedral. It is a huge building with beautiful staines glass windows.

My husband, William Knightly is a fine American young man who treats me well, loves me and is a supporter of women rights. We feel the happiest couple on earth when we are together.

I’ll tell you about William. Born California, and at the age of four her moved to San Fransisco. At the age of 12 his parents sent him to Tetton Hall boarding where my parents sent e and we met and fell in love straight away as we lay eyes on each other…

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I will try and talk more often but mama and i are so busy…

But unfortunately he has to go to war in 2 weeks …

Family break down…. December 1914

Today I found out that my uncle has decided to help the English army by joining. My father thinks it’s a disgraceful idea and he is lucky as he is in high class parliament and doesn’t have to fight. He said he will be back for Christmas but there is high chance that he won’t. 👎 Why does war have to start all it is doing is calling a who har. Why can’t everyone just get along…

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