February 1917

February 1917

I heard some news from war….

My Uncle Harry has passed away at war. When I heard the news through a telegram sent from the chief at war , my heart was racing as my frail hands shook whilst opening the envelope that was torn, bitten and battered.

After reading the letter it brought me to my senses and opened up my eyes to what the government said war is like and what war actually is. the previous letter I received from Papa ,explains all the  problems and truth of the war in France that the government faked saying that it would be fun, quick and delightful at war is a sinful lie.

Now the truth has been unfolded in both letters from war. The actual conditions were horrendous and no dead soldier was buried respectfully. Actually many of them were left to rot or thrown disrespectfully on to carts and no one knows where they were disposed. My life has become incomplete as uncle Harry is still  an important family member for me.

The country is important but this doesn’t mean that dead soldiers  that have willingly sacrificed their lives to save the country that have been thrown around humiliating themselves . It is not sweet and right to die for your country as after death no one is bothered about you.


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