Adolf Hitler…

September 1939

War. No matter how many times I thought it was over, it keeps coming back to haunt me.  I had woken up at 10am with a headache and heard these wearing sobs coming from the bedroom next door. I went to see Amelia and see what had happened but i couldn’t get a single word out of her… I came back to the room and switched the wireless to see if any tragic thinks have happened to one of her friends or something… I pressed firmly on the button and expected there to be no big news and nothing very interesting… I found myself in a state of shock as the wireless muffled,

” Today we are all in shock and despair as the Germans decide to have a comeback on” CZEHFCXN…. It had started crackling i found a pillow and my eyes indulged right in>>>….

Already 50 and now another war? How could this be happening to me. I was living a perfectly normal life as a mother of  18 year twins… My life is tragic. TWO WARS.. Harry is more than likely going to war and I couldn’t bare to lose another family member espeically my son.

I might not write soon i will be crying myself to sleep!!!

Your love is ours,






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