The good old blitz!!!

February 1941

Hitler’s brain must be mad sieve. What stupid person would try and destroy and take over Britain. We are a strong country and will not let him put us down… Hilter and his army have conquered many other european countries but they won’t succeed with ours!  We are a are strong country who will stand our ground against the germans and won’t let them push our spirits low.

Germans have announced they are going to attack but we have an advantage of being an island. Hitler will have to change his method as it will not work in our country. Thousands of German planes have already been sent to drop hundreds of explosive bombs on factories, shops, houses and whole cities of Britain. They are trying to destroy us and tear us apart, but they won’t succeed. They are aiming for the factories where us brits make our bombs… For a year they plan to keep this up, dropping bombs almost every day killing millions of people, but we won’t let them and we will carry on our daily lives and won’t let them affect us. William plans to take us to the country to one of our palaces in Shropshire but at the moment I plan to spent the night in my air raid shelter every single day as I can’t take the stress and nerves of sitting helplessly in the house!

William Churchill is working so hard and is trying to find a way to come back and he has already sent planes which would drop bombs on the German attackers and defend British cities! They built planes called Spitfires which were some of the fastest and best war planes ever built.

I am sorry i haven’t been active but with whats going on I don’t have any time,

Your dear friend,

Alexandra Stamford,

PS. My dear Harry has been summoned to war and has to go. I really don’t won’t to lose another family member




Why does this war have to continue. We are a happy family who doesn’t deserve this.. Some people have done nothing wrong… We are only allowed to buy a certain amount of food even if Papa bribes them with money…! It is starting to get serious. Every month we get given a ration book full of coupons to buy a certain amount of food. Once we have used up every coupon, there is no chance of ever buying more food as it isn’t fair on everyone else. That is why I spend mine wisely so I can always have a reasonable amount of food for every day! My children look they are about to starve!

We also have to be evacuated to shelters at night.. If there is any sign of an attackc police will ring the siren warning people to go to the shelters. Some people like ours have them in our houses or gardens these are called Morrison and Anderson shelters! If not you go to public shelters which are underground it become very crowded and you barely get any sleep but at least you know you are safe and sound away from the bombs…

I will try and be active, So long,


Alex Stamford

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