Why does this war have to continue. We are a happy family who doesn’t deserve this.. Some people have done nothing wrong… We are only allowed to buy a certain amount of food even if Papa bribes them with money…! It is starting to get serious. Every month we get given a ration book full of coupons to buy a certain amount of food. Once we have used up every coupon, there is no chance of ever buying more food as it isn’t fair on everyone else. That is why I spend mine wisely so I can always have a reasonable amount of food for every day! My children look they are about to starve!

We also have to be evacuated to shelters at night.. If there is any sign of an attackc police will ring the siren warning people to go to the shelters. Some people like ours have them in our houses or gardens these are called Morrison and Anderson shelters! If not you go to public shelters which are underground it become very crowded and you barely get any sleep but at least you know you are safe and sound away from the bombs…

I will try and be active, So long,


Alex Stamford


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