August 4th 1914…War Breaks out

My family and I are horrified that people would choose to do such shame to our country. This war is going to ruin the country. I’m just glad Papa works in High classed parliament and is not allowed to go to war…

I woke up this morning to the radio buzzing about news about the Germans declaring war. My maid, Bette had told me that if the Germans didn’t give in before 11am War was going to commence. I was shocked and horrified a the same time. Why did this have to happen? Bette said we were fine as we lived slightly outside the busy city of London ands that’s why Papa has to travel along way to go to work.

I just hope the war doesn’t come to Britain!!!



1913 Derby… Tragedy strikes

June 4th 1913

It has been a while since I last posted but today was important. Mama took Alice and me to Legendary 1913 Derby after behaving so well in the last month. As I am now eighteen and Alice has just turned twenty-two Mama me place a bet on the Kings Horse!! He was bound to win with his amazing jockey, Herbert Jones.

We all shushed as the race began eyeing up our horses. As they were galloping round Tottenham Corner it was almost impossible to see who was coming first but Herbert Jones still had a fair chance. But then it suddenly happened. We saw a fair haired women run across into the race track and put her hands up above her head. The horse carried on and I saw her crashing to the ground. A policeman who looked as if he had been on duty called out, ‘ Does anyone know this women’ but there was no replies.

The out her mind lady suffered from concussion in the local hospital and was later found out to be a suffragette named, Emily Wilding Davison.

Votes for women?

My auntie has joined the suffragette’s and I can’t wait till I can but mama won’t let me…..

15th May 1907

Women of Manchester. Women of the world. I alongside many others think that women should be treated as equals.
Women should not be considered as a mans ’possession’ and should be considered as a hardworking lady who is willing to serve to her country in whatever quality she may possess. All women should be allowed to have proper education and be allowed to carry on in life without having to stay in the house all day looking after and doing all the women.
Us suffragette’s believe that we should be able to vote. Why not? And that is why we are showing are strength and power by doing these extremely violent acts to prove to men what we are actually worth.

So can you help us serve the rights for women? Can you?Join the suffragette movement today and help women become equals.

Welcome to my life….

1st November 1900

My name is Alexandra Florence Stamford and I am currently writing this in the nursery alongside my governess, Annabelle. I am am a six year old girl who’s life grows upon parties. I live with with my mother, father, sister and Dog, Belle . Pa pa works in Parliament 12 hours a day. When he finally comes home all he does is eat and goes to parties so we rarely ever see him. Mother looks after us a checks the house is in good order. look after the dog ,  The servants of the house do most of the work like cleaning, cooking and washing even though we are at home all day. How could live get any harder? Even with servants?

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